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Retro Bullet Hell

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An 8-bit machine gun that rapidly fires pixels...deadly pixels.
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PRIMARY FIRE:Fully automatic 8-bit bullet spread that powers up to shoot more pixels per upgrade level.
SECONDARY:Controlled burst that's great for finishing off medium to long range enemies.
POWERUP 2:Increased rate of fire.
POWERUP 3:Upgrades into an automatic spreadfire that fires three barrels at once for wider coverage.
POWERUP 4:Upgrades to five blazing barrels enabling swift elimination of multiple enemies.
POWERUP 5:A final increase to the rate of fire makes this the ultimate assault rifle of doom.
Stats Damage
Clip Size 60 Level 1 (x1) Level 2 (x2) Level 3 (x3) Level 4 (x5) Level 5 (x6)
Reload Time1500 ms Direct Hit12 Direct Hit6 Direct Hit12 Direct Hit12 Direct Hit6
Rate of Fire 6.67 /s Indirect HitN/A Indirect HitN/A Indirect Hit5 Indirect Hit5 Indirect Hit5
Accuracy 0.25 ExtraN/A ExtraN/A ExtraN/A Extra3 Extra3





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